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British GQ shows the top menswear items for under £250. The Phira London Green Bloodstone signet ring is for both men and women, it can be ordered in various sizes, in 925 Sterling Silver and 22ct gold vermeil.


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The Best Signet Rings To Channel Your Inner Don Corleone

"Men's signet rings have all sorts of connotations attached to them. Most are false. Though first devised to seal correspondence with an engraved family crest (something for posh people, since the unwashed masses couldn't even spell their own name), they're no longer solely reserved for country manor toffs.

Honest. Thanks to a wider choice of options - and a wider appreciation for men's jewellery at large - signet rings are an easy way to add some glint without looking like a Vegas loanshark. But if that is your shtick, we've even got a few of them below." Esquire Magazine.

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