The first 3 steps we took when launching PHIRA LONDON!

July 24, 2017


Welcome to Phira London's new blog where we will explore the world of fashion, arts, music and many other magical things that we, and hopefully you, are interested in. For our first edition, we will delve into Phira London as a brand and the story behind it. 

We (Ele and Macdara) launched Phira London in 2016 with the aim of creating a Gender Neutral brand that is accessible to everyone. Both of us had worn jewellery made for either men or women but could not see why a product should be confined to either sex. Phira London, like many Fashion Brands and Individuals, uses the media and its products to promote Equal Rights. The idea of the same for all quickly became a core pillar to our brand, hence why we decided to only make unisex pieces.


Once we had understood our brand (which of course is always evolving) we then had to look at what we actually wanted our products to say to our customers. Both of us sat and brainstormed the main aspects we look at when investing in a new product. We would it to be durable, of high quality, affordable and timeless. Understanding and creating your brand may sound like a simple task but I assure you it took several months and many many pub visits.


Then onto the hard part, designing. Anybody starting out as a designer and taking the risk will probably agree that at first you just have to draw whatever design comes into your head. The beginning will be  a lot of trial and error, you only learn from doing! Our first ring was made by a lovely craftsman that Macdara found based in Camden. He has been making jewellery for over 30 years and can handcraft rings with such intricate detail. After some time playing around with the design, for example, the depth of the layering or the angle of the curve, we then had our first handmade product, the Redchurch. The final product took over 2 months to make, we were determined to get every tiny detail exactly how we wanted it, we had to be perfectionists. Something we find particularly interesting about the Redchurch is how different people wear it in different ways, one may seem upside down but neither way is right or wrong.


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